Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lesson 1 Activity Guide

Website Name
Why visit it?
Why was it made?
You should visit amazon if you are looking to find a good price for a wide variety of products that ship easily. Amazon has just about everything you would be looking to buy online, and you can find very cheap prices on the site instead of scanning the internet looking for cheap prices.
Amazon was made to be an online marketplace that eliminates the need to go to stores, and makes shopping much more convenient and custom made to fit your interests. Amazon was made to offer the widest selection of goods on the entire internet, with consumer protections and review pages so that scammers can be eliminated, making amazon a very safe site to order from
You should visit this website if you want to see videos for entertainment, if you need help/tutorials with things you aren’t sure how to do, and for watching recreational things like sports and video game streaming.
It was made for the purpose of creating, sharing and watching videos that others can view. This site has given rise to many internet based celebrities and successful youtubers, and allows people to express themselves with others online.
Twitter is a very convenient social media site that allows you to view things such as the news, sports, and other popular topics. When you go on twitter you are given 280 characters to write about something you would like to share, and you can communicate and chat with others on the site.
It was made as a media site so that people all over the world could communicate with each other and share their lives. People like politicians and celebrities have used twitter to convey their message directly to their followers.

Purpose for creator: Julia wants to learn how to be a better cook, so she posts about recipes every week and learns from other people online. She has a blog that a community of people with passions for cooking can comment on and give her advice when she needs it, and encourage her when she makes a great recipe. This blog is very specific to cooking meals at home, so the people she interacts with are much more interested in her interests, rather than the massive online sites that have millions of different people, this only has to cater to cooking.

Purpose for users: Users can go on and look at recipes and share their opinions with posters on the blog. They can give tips and help to Julia when she needs help with things. Users can give insight on good and bad recipes, and express their opinions to let her know.

Monday, December 18, 2017


Submarine Cables

2 things that can be a binary are a byte of data or a power supply. A power supply has 2 states, on or off. There are no other states that the power can be in. Data/bytes are only represented by a 1 or a 0, meaning data can only have 2 forms.

Question 1:

Based on the map: Which of the following areas has the most fiber-optic cables?

A) Greenland/Iceland Area

B) Mediterranean Sea Area

C) Eastern Asia

Answer: C is correct. Eastern Asia has the most people out of these choices so the need for cables there is much greater. The Mediterranean Sea also has lots of people so they have the second most cables out of the 3. Up near Greenland/Iceland, not many people live there, so you only need a couple cables to support their bandwidth usage.

Question 2:

True or False: Satellite based internet is superior to Fiber Optic Cable

Answer: False. Although satellite internet covers vast areas and doesn't require physical wires to ensure connections, when comparing it to the performance of the internet and bit rates of the undersea cables, fiber optics are still much better at delivering and transmitting data. Although coverage is better for satellite, the performance is far superior for fiber optic.

Question 3: Are all cables the same power?

Answer: No, while cables age and get older, newer ones replace them in high priority areas, meaning that there are some older and less functional cables when compared to the new standard fiber optic cable.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Terms To Define

~Annual Fee: The annual fee is a charge you have to pay annually to your credit card company for the right to use their card.

~Annual Percentage Rate (APR): APR is the percent of interest that you pay on a loan, or that people pay you if you lend to them. Leasing things like cars comes with a set interest APR that you pay them, because they loan you the car, but it can also be beneficial, such as banks paying you annual interest for putting your money in with them.

~Credit Line: A credit line is the maximum amount of money that you are allowed to use in your payment period. The limit is used to prevent overspending so you can pay everything back, and to prevent thieves/hackers/fraud from doing too much damage.

~Cash Back/Rewards: Cash back/rewards are incentives used by credit card companies to attract people to using their service. When you use their card and pay back all of the bills on time, they offer rewards such as flying points for airplanes, and giving you cash back.

~Balance: Your balance is the amount of money that you have on your account to spend. If you have more money in your account then you have a positive balance, but if you go into debt and owe money, you have a negative balance.

~Minimum Payment: A minimum payment is the lowest amount of money you have to pay to pay your fee and have a positive credit score. It varies on how much you are spending, but the minimum payment is the lowest you can pay without hurting your credit.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Data Article Responses

Article 1:

Applications and services are taking your personal data and selling it to advertisers, sometimes without your consent or knowledge. They do this to remain a free service, but still gain revenue. Apps like Accuweather have taken anonymized data and sold it off to advertisers to stay in business. You cant directly publish ads on the site, or else it won't connect to your users and people will oppose it. When they do it based on personal, anonymous usage data, it is more tailored to the customer. The only problem is that they aren't informing their users that they are doing it, and some claim it violates their privacy.

Article 2:

For just $1,000 you can buy up advertisements and obtain information about the target receiving the ads, which is setting off alarms for people with privacy concerns. If someone devoted enough time and money, using these targeted advertisements they would be able to find out things about you such as when you leave your house, and look at your digital activity. They can track your movements using location based ads as well. They target ads using the targets MAID (Mobile Advertising ID). A criminal can purchase the advertisements that are being made to the targets MAID in a specific area, and send all the advertisements at them to get their location. This has shocked researchers because they were able to find someone's location within 8 meters simply by targeting them with advertisements. More will needed to be done to prevent this from happening.

Article 3:

Sharing your location can be ineffective, drain battery life, and also use up a lot of data, but most importantly of all, your location services can be used to track your location. You can use location services to find food, gas, and many other convenient things nearby. Also, several apps like Google, Instagram, and Facebook all over location services so you can share your current location and find people nearby, and there are many other pros to location sharing. Strangers can potentially see where you are, which is a danger, especially to children with phones who might unknowingly be sharing their location. So, while location sharing has many benefits, you should be mindful of when you share location, because there are serious privacy concerns.


My opinion is that if a company wants any personal data or information, even if it is anonymous data, it should have to let the user be aware that this is happening. The Accuweather that was selling user's data to advertisers should have been more transparent about it, as not everyone would want that to happen to them. I think there should also be a notification to a user if someone else has purchased the advertisements being directed at your MAID, so that you can be sure it is an actual advertiser and not a malicious person attempting to get information on you. I think that location services have their pros such as finding things nearby, but there are a lot of cons to it, mainly privacy wise.