Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Create Blog post 4/9/19

1) Today I am finishing up my encrypt function, working further on my decrypt function, adding aesthetic touches to the menu, and beginning to plan out my writing assignment for the create task
2) Today I wrote a code that was similar to what I used in the encrypt function to assign a list and keyplace to both the encrypted text and its key, and I will then add a function that works in reverse order from the encryption function to get the plaintext version of the message.
3) I did not encounter any problems today
4) I would place myself at an 8 on a 1-10 scale

Create Blog Post 4/8/19

1) Today I continued working on my decrypt function, and am on the last step of finishing my encryption algorithm, as I just have to take the value out of the selected list and I will have my encrypted character.
2) A code I am trying to work on uses an index in an enumerated list to get the specific list for each keyplace, and within that selected list, will take the (place) value from it and retrieve the encrypted character.
3) I am still having trouble with this program, as it is giving me an error that my index is out of range, meaning I am searching for a value that does not exist.
4) I am at a 7 on a 1-10 scale of development

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Create blog post 4/4/19

1) Today I worked on matching the index of the plaintext to the alphanumeric list of the keyword, and began brainstorming possible solutions to the decryption process
2) The code I wrote today uses a loop to store characters into a string to form the encrypted message, by using the process previously mentioned of lining up the positioning of the plaintext letter with the list of the key. Once the string is fully formed, the message should be encrypted.
3) A problem I ran into was figuring out how to move the desired character into the new string. I managed to be able to identify the correct character to use in the encrypted message, but my only problem was adding it to a string, which I used online resources to help me solve
4) On a 1-10 scale in developing my code, I would place myself at a 6

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Create blog post 4/3/19

1) Today I managed to write code that lines up the plaintext positioning to the keyword positioning, thus creating the encrypted character
2) The code I wrote today takes in the index position of each plaintext character in the normal alphabet (places 0-25) and takes the letter of the keyword and matches it with its corresponding alphabet (each letter has its own alphabetic list, starting with each respective letter). My program then takes the index position of the plaintext and the alphabetic list of the keyword and matches them up to form the encrypted message.
3) A problem I encountered was matching the index of the plaintext to the index of the key. This proved difficult as I had to redo the code many times for it to work (seemingly not producing an output). Working on the decrypter will also be more challenging as I have to use a different approach
4) I would place myself at a 5 on a 1-10 scale

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Create blog post 4/2/19

1)Today, I managed to fix the error with my menu not responding correctly to user input, as I had realized my if statements incorrectly incorporated the 'or' selection and only used 1 value.
2) Code i typed managed to make the key and plaintext the same character length, regardless of which one was longer, which was a part of my encrypt function. It uses a combination of a while loop, for loops, and if statements to ensure the keys are the same length
3) a problem I had was making them the same length, I realized that in the for loop I had an error as i was using a single numeric value, rather than a range of values, which created an error. I managed to fix this
4) I would place myself at a 5 on a 1-10 scale

Monday, April 1, 2019

Create blog post 4/1/19

1)Today I continued work on my main menu, and began coding in the keyword that will shift the letters (I have decided to do a vigenere shift)
2)A code I typed today was the keyword input, which will take a word (that the user types) and go through a for loop until it matches their plaintext input in length
3)A problem I have with my code is within the menu() function while loop. The loop, which sets a clear parameter that should be met, is not reacting to the user input and is only executing one of the 4 possible if statements no matter what, and I can't seem to find out why.
4) I would place myself at a 4 on the 1-10 scale

Create blog post 3/31/19

1) I accomplished much more progress in my code, as I have switched to a vigenere cipher
2) Today I continued work on my main menu, and for the encryption itself, I created a table of a 26 x 26 values representing the possible vigenere shifts
3) Nothing has gone wrong in my progress today, the only thing I think I will have trouble with is pairing the keyword to the shift rows
4) On a 1-10 scale, I am at about a 4